Thursday, January 11, 2007

Violence Without Pain


I can hear you through

These October headlights

Show me the axe dance!

The beard squeals at our death

And glances back on our love


Out past our neighbors

Beneath hats that are living

A mammoth erupts

When our lips open we are lizards

When our mouths open we are smoke


While not transparent

I try to float through your hands

I am coming in

Pushing back into the womb:

Coiled fish and blue lightening


House against the waves

I could lick all your fingers

Backwards and forwards

Rattles my listening head

The tunnel you are is black


I am hungry for

A kind of yellow mushroom

Remember your hands

The car the axe and myself

Like violence without pain

Monday, January 8, 2007

Internally Yours


Close your eyes and open:

I am internally yours

Walls within locust words

Close your eyes and open this grave

The architects built my life


Live here for a while

Geometrical figure

Lying mouth to mouth

Upside-down the piano growls

A little milk in your eye


The snake rising from

Immense forests of secrets

I was thinking of her

And asked you to spend the night

Falling into the closing mouth


Empty coffins sweat

What were you escaping from?

Chaotic lightening

No one will notice your hair

Emerging from the white chill


If the world is real

Swallow their throats until they gag

Surrounded by night

The architects use God’s ghost

It’s been years since your genial bed