Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chaotic Provocateur


I was in one of those forests in another body under the earth and on the sun planted in the masculine word facing the sea!

I was heaving the oracle stained with garden gates running through the world’s pierced coons I’m wild I’m new surrounded by flies!

Water whispers into the barricade ready for blooming flesh birds of night bathers dancers rivers steam!

I was standing shaking every mountain red a shoulder masked with scarabs desire knows labyrinth hands!

I was in one of those forests in the oil of my head in another gash in a pocket picked where a lonely gun knows no one is visible!

You passed through the sweet ache with leaves individual as my life made from delinquents!

We control the wheels!


At the X an unmarked space enters your white body like a solitary woman!

I saw your armor through Oaxaca the night eating a siren in a path your tears climbing and descending!

Stop the earth stiff jaw face to face two bodies are at night oceans with wheels in each drink without moving sing without shoulders without a man once a child!

One by one leaves crows rock your stone language passion viewed against the living night belches devoutly!

Contemplate my burial my rough flesh color my iron mittens my long airy veins!

At the X a mouth in spite of your hand your chest a yellow sky a black earth an X made by two legs walking a lane made by dreams eaten!

Let the flies swarm! Let the dust fly!


I am not the one looking for the one cyclone time raised out of anyone who says cries wild!

I am not the one who says has given up crying through the blizzard the half-eaten out utterly boring small of anywhere gone down flapping lightly against her sea shoulders!

I am not the one who never met her pulled the knife from the Cyprus other oceans other seditious moth eating masks other bigger and bigger clothes can love like this!

Heraclitus here I was from the top of here I have just seen all the nights like animals in me before a large cliff held up by my five fire arms!

Before I die I want to remember the bruises for a millions years the black gold yellow dancing that I hated I hated everyone that I told the truth!


Lightening coming home all night day I cut my boredom in an experiment I am the driver the open door the gate the umbilicus where the belly the ocean gets lost under the dirt!

Rooted in plates draped in sheets stacked in drawers hidden in revolvers in their big eyes there is enough hate no love no love each color is an imaginary letter a numbered kiss creation of consciousness!

Further away you are we are they are further than I can tell let me open my mouth I can’t touch I can’t touch without your cut your keyboard your clock!

On the mountain I hear a heat wave decades later facades of buildings tomorrow I can almost touch the ticking yesterday even if the hounds come back from death I want to go backwards busted busted clock!

Just say my name spell it write it send it smash it this will be enough hardly gunshots hardly childhood hardly life hardly!

This will be enough!